Available 9am to 2.30pm

Toasted white, wholemeal or sourdough (*) w/ spinach and homemade tomato relish $6.50

ADD: Bacon* Eggs* Mushroom* Avocado* Roast Tomato* Sweet potato, pea and paprika hash *, v, DF Curried corn fritter *, v, DF    $4.50 each

Pie of the Day served with chips    $21.50

Avocado Caesar w/ cos, bacon, egg, parmesan and homemade garlic croutons and dressing (*, v, DF) w/either:

  • Grilled Chicken (*, DF)    $18.50

  • Grilled Prawns or Smoked Salmon (*, DF)    $22.50

Warm Roast Pumpkin Salad w/ baby beets, honey roasted carrots, caramelised onion, cherry tomatoes, homemade honey mustard dressing and curried corn bites (*, v, DF)    $21.50

Crispy Prosciutto and Grilled Halloumi Salad w/ toasted almond flakes, walnuts, poached pear, caramelised onion and sweet potato crisps (*)    $22.00

  • Add Smoked Salmon or Chicken (*)    $4.50

Risotto w/ homemade pesto and shaved parmesan w/either:

  • Grilled Chicken (*)     $21.00

  • Smoked Salmon (*)     $22.50

  • Grilled Prawns (*)     $24.00

The Rainforest Eggs Benedict w/ either:     $21.00 each

  • Bacon (*, DF)

  • Leg Ham (*, DF)

  • Baked field mushrooms (*, v, DF)

  • Smoked Salmon (*, DF)

  • Avocado and Cherry Tomato (*, v, DF)

Loaded Bacon and Cheese Burger w/ fried eggs, homemade hash, caramelised onion and our homemade tomato relish (*, DF)   $19.50

  • Add curried corn and onion patty (*, v, DF)   $4.50

Smashed Avocado with fetta, dukkah, sliced lemon and fresh mint w/ crispy kale on sourdough (*, v, DF)   $17.50

  • Add poached eggs (*, v, DF)     $4.50

  • Add bacon or house tea smoked salmon (*, DF)     $4.50 each

Coconut Pancakes with poached pears, fresh berry coulis and toasted nuts (*, v)     $20.00

Battered Barramundi (2) w/ chips, fresh garden salad and homemade tartare sauce (*, DF)    $21.00

Farmers Market Bowl w/ brown rice and quinoa, pickled radish, Brussel sprouts, honey roasted carrot, spiced pumpkin, beetroot hummus and homemade pesto with crushed nuts (*, v, DF)    $22.00

Fresh Salad Sandwich mixed leaves, tomato, carrot, onion, cheese, beetroot relish and mustard mayo served with homemade sweet potato crisps on white, wholemeal or organic sourdough (*, v, DF)     $9.50

add chicken, smoked salmon or ham for $2.00 each

organic gluten-free bread available for an additional $1.50


Bowl of Wedges sour cream & sweet chilli sauce (v, DF)     $9.00

Bowl of Chips served with garlic aioli (*, v, DF)     $7.00

Homemade Sweet Potato Crisps (*, v, DF)     $7.00

Gluten Free options are an additional     $1.50

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